Hello and welcome!  I'm constantly creating & transitioning from one artistic phase to another, which hopefully will keep us both interested.
    This site has two new store pages, one for Print Editions and the other is 100% Digital Downloads!  I encourage you to check 'em both out...
    "Inksplosion" is my newest collection of 100% Ink Art!  There's enough Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Burroughsian and Mythological subject matter to please the most hardcore aficionado.  Yes, these drawings are some of my most recent and very best!
    Plus, you can order this great new 145-page paperback book in the Physical ("hard" copy) Edition, or as a swiftly delivered Digital Download Edition...
The Academy is open once again!  Mike's voluminous knowledge and experience in Art has helped many, many aspiring Comics & Fantasy artists achieve their goals, whether those be in applied technique in Drawing & Painting or operating an online business. You'll get one-on-one coaching, from portfolio reviews to real nuts-and-bolts skills, with unlimited daily access for your questions. But room is limited!  For details please EMAIL

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